1. Is your skin a grape or a sultana?

1. Is your skin a grape or a sultana?

No doubt, if you are reading this newsletter you have some form of concerns with ageing. At this time of year, with the air cooler and less moisture, we are generally seeing our clients skin looking and feeling tired, dull and dehydrated.  And unfortunately with these concerns, skin presents with wrinkles, lines and an aged appearance. See Caryll’s tips on keeping your skin hydrated during winter…

Caryll’s tips keeping skin hydrated

  1. Eat foods high in essential fatty acids; avocado, deep ocean salmon, chia, walnuts, flaxseed, spinach, eggs
  2. A combination of a stable Vitamin C in the morning & Retinol at night will keep the cells renewing
  3. Mask at home twice weekly
  4. Wear sunscreen daily no matter what the weather
  5. For a hot drink, substitute a green tea instead of a coffee
  6. Keep up the water intake – your skin is one of the last organs to benefit from H2O so keep the volume high
  7. Use a hydrating moisturiser such as Hydr8 Night, Resveratrol or SMC
  8. Avoid harsh scrubs and opt for an enzyme exfolient once to twice weekly
  9. You are what you eat – avoid high sugar foods and drinks as this contributes to glycation and loss of collagen
  10. Book a skin consultation to discuss your ageing concerns – allow up to one hour

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