2. Festive skin tips

Refined sugars can compromise our skin which can lead to nasties such as inflammation and breakouts!

Sugar is a large contributor to wrinkles too…..

So, if you are worried about your skin becoming a little worse for ware this festive season, opt for foods and drinks high in antioxidants and low in refined sugars.

Some healthy ‘skin food’ tips;

  • Quinoa alternative to rice and pasta
  • Berries alternative to cherries and mangoes
  • Ask for skin gifts from your dermal therapist rather than the department stores
  • Keep your water intake up and have a water in between an alcoholic beverage
  • Remember to get your beauty sleep and rest
  • Wear your sunscreen and remember to reapply
  • Opt for the fruit platter option rather than the pavlova
  • Wear your hat outdoors

Everything in moderation and most of all enjoy!

Merry Christmas

Caryll and Larni

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