4. Things to consider for getting a great IPL treatment

There is IPL hair reduction and then there is great IPL hair reduction treatments. At IPL Skin ResQ we endeavour to not only get you fabulous results but also keep you very comfortable and safe during your treatment.

Some things you should consider prior to choosing where to book in;

  1. Who is treating you and do they have any formal qualifications ie Dermal Therapy or IPL and Laser Safety qualifications
  2. How long has the operator been providing IPL treatments; are they experienced
  3. Does the establishment provide you with a thorough consultation
  4. What machine is being used to treat you; origin of manufacturer, is it serviced regularly and is the software up to date
  5. How comfortable will you be during the treatment
  6. Have you been educated on aftercare including sun exposure, fake tans and medications
  7. Are you a safe candidate for the treatment when it comes to your medical history, medications, heritage and skin colour

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