13. Acne scars – how to treat?

When it comes to scars, there are a variety of different scars that occur in skin and therefore a variety of different treatment options, depending on exactly what we are treating!

A common reference to scars is ‘acne scars’. Now, acne scars can be varied. No matter what type of acne scars you present with it is important to book in for a skin consultation to allow us to assess the area and devise the best possible treatment plan for you and your skin.


Pigmented scars

Acne can cause scars that are red or brown in colour, which in clinic, we refer to as post-inflammatory hyper pigmentation. This is when your skin may be left with pigmented scarring due to the trauma and inflammation associated with acne. Generally we can treat pigmented scars with IPL photo rejuvenation, LED and or a variety of peels such as Cosmelan or Re Vi peel. Of course, this can all be decided at your skin consultation.


Pitted scars

Over a period of time, pitted scarring can occur from acne. In clinic we generally refer to pitted scarring as ice pick scarring or anchored scarring. Pitted scarring responds well to skin needling, fractional resurfacing and LED treatments.


Keloid scars

In some rare instances keloid scarring can present. In clinic we refer to keloid scarring as hypertrophic scarring. It generally presents around the jaw line, chest or back areas with a raised, red and lumpy appearance. This needs to be treated with a fractional laser or corticosteroid injections.

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