14. Pigmentation – what is the cause?

Common causes or triggers;

  • UV sun exposure
  • hormone factors
  • trauma and friction
  • medications
  • chemicals when combined with UV e.g. perfumes
  • heat

And so, with this in mind; It’s not that easy to just get rid of pigmentation.
We here at IPL Skin ResQ are very experienced at treating pigmentation and helping to clear it.
Dermal Therapies such as IPL photo rejuvenation, peels, microdermabrasion, fractional resurfacing don’t just fix skin on their own. They simply remove the evidence. It’s like fixing an old car. If the car keeps breaking down, we need to fix it. If we don’t get the mechanic to do the maintenance or repair work, it will keep breaking down. And the problem will always be there.

Dermal therapies cannot change the way your cells function on their own. Any clinician can treat your skin condition. So what we do here at IPL Skin ResQ is retrain your skin cells. The brown spots on your skin are there because your melanocyte cells that are responsible for producing colour in your skin are on overdrive. They are over stimulating; creating pigmentation, discolouration or sun spots. The surrounding skin cells can’t help clean up the mess as they are trying to support their own job.

Think of your desk getting piled up with paper work. If you don’t file it away and sort it out, it ends up in a big messy pile? That’s what is happening when your melanocyte cell is over stimulated and stressed to the max. We need to sort them out and program the mess to be tidied up.
Dermal therapies cannot stop the over stimulation or control your desk getting messy but they can try and clean up the mess.

To fix the problem a few things need to be done;
Find out WHY the pigmentation (messy desk) has gone haywire. You cannot stop it, if you don’t know where the mess is coming from. Generally there is more than one trigger. We need to address all factors before we can fix the problem. This will help with planning our treatments and achieving successful results for you!

If the cause has gone, the problem will settle and then we can work on cleaning up the mess. If we don’t address the cause it will keep coming back. And so, its up to you! At IPL Skin ResQ, we can do the work to achieve the results but if you don’t stop the cause it will come back.

So, now we know the cause of the sun spots! Lets start the process by calming down the over stimulated melanocyte cells. To allow you to achieve successful results we don’t necessarily jump in and start zapping or treating your skin. We first start on repairing the cells and ensuring they are settled and restored. An impaired skin or cell will not respond as well as a healthy one. As the melanocyte cell has been on overdrive for some time, slowing it down also takes time. It’s taken years for this damage to occur and so it may take several months to slow it down.

And so, we are going to rebuild and strengthen the cells. The time that this will take depends on how well you look after your skin. It won’t happen overnight. And with pigmentation issues this tells us that maybe threes been a little too much fun in the sun. So, getting this right is the key and takes a combination of therapies and home care.
Unfortunately as we age the melanocyte cell has a very good memory. It always remembers how to become over stimulated or excited, once one of those causes or triggers come into play.
Keep on top of it. Don’t let those triggers occur and monitor your melanocytes activity.
Removing the cause or trigger will provide success with your treatments with us.
Be repetitive with home care, protecting and managing your skin.
And, the biggest mistake I hear people tell me every day is that their makeup has sunscreen in it.
PLEASE DO NOT rely on your makeup to protect your skin from UV and free radical damage.
Your makeup is makeup. Your sunscreen is sunscreen.
So, as I say; Wear your sunscreen everyday, no matter what the weather. Rain, hail, shine or snow. Indoors or outdoors, sunscreen is a must if you want to achieve results and keep your skin in young condition.

Feel free to book in for a thorough consultation with me at IPL Skin ResQ. My passion is skin and for me it is extremely rewarding when my clients come back and see me with their improved results.
Caryll Wiggers

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