16. Why Lactic Acid?

Lactic Acid – Caryll’s most commonly used peel in the clinic!  Lactic acid comes from the AHA family – Alpha Hydroxy Acids.  Produced naturally in our bodies, it is formulated with science in the lab, derived from milk for skincare purposes.  Low percentages of lactic acid are fabulous for a dry, sensitive skin for hydration purposes, reducing trans epidermal water loss.  A truly amazing anti-inflammatory peel.  In higher concentrations, lactic acid can break down stale, dead skin cells in between epidermal cells creating an exfoliating effect, increasing cell turnover, stimulating fibroblasts for a thicker dermis and more healthier, hydrated epidermis….

Why is it our most commonly used peel?

Because it provides an effective treatment with minimal irritation for almost every skin condition – even Rosacea skins.  We refer to a Lactic Peel as a ‘Party Peel’, as you can have this treatment in your lunch break ready for your ‘hot date’ night out.  Only 30 minutes required….

Part of my service with any treatment;

I always include a fresh coverage ofJane Iredale 100% pure mineral makeup should you require before you leave the clinic.

What will Lactic acid do for your skin? 

  • it will clean and exfoliate the skin providing luminosity and radiance
  • promotes hydration and aids in prevention of trans epidermal water loss
  • provides antibacterial benefits for acne skins
  • aids in inhibiting tyrosinase formation – managing pigmentation
  • promotes cell renewal – anti ageing

Interested in a Lactic Peel?

$110 – 30%    $115 – 40%

Two to four weekly intervals

Increase cell turnover, epidermal and dermal hydration, assist with release of comedones, stimulate collagen & elastin, decrease fine lines, helps lighten pigmentation, antioxidant benefits, significant smoothness & tightness post treatment.  All this equals BEAUTIFUL SKIN….

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