19. Flying high

19. Flying high

Caryll recommends to always wear your sunscreen when flying.  UV rays above the clouds are more damaging than we realise.  A favourite of Caryll’s is the Medik8 SPF 30 Physical Sunscreen; it provides effective broad spectrum protection.  Formulated without nanoparticles, it is light enough for everyday use and strong enough to defend against all signs of photo-ageing on land or above the clouds, without leaving any residue.

The advanced formula utilises a photo stable blend of trusted physical filters, titanium dioxide and zinc oxide, to reflect the sun’s radiation away from the skin.  Unlike chemical sunscreens, Medik8 Physical Sunscreen does not induce heat within the skin or clog pores, making it a perfect choice for those prone to redness, sensitivity and blemishes.

In addition, Physical Sunscreen is fortified with anti-pollution and anti-A.G.E technology to protect against environmental aggressors whilst correcting lines and wrinkles.  This is a fabulous options for clients when flying!

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