20. Scrubs or Peels?

20. Scrubs or Peels?

So, you’ve got acne or maybe blackheads and you are breaking out?

I often meet with clients for a skin consultation who suffer from red, angry skin that is breaking out and congested!  It is so common to want to scrub the skin to alleviate this problem.  But really what does the scrubbing do?  It gives the feeling of smoothing the epidermis (skin surface) for a short moment…  While it seems like using a physical scrub for this type of skin condition will keep the pores unclogged and reduce blackheads and pimples; the fact is, all this will aid in, is increasing redness and therefore exacerbate pimples and breakouts!

Blockages that cause blemishes occur much deeper in the follicle and therefore a chemical peel or a non physical exfoliant is a more effective option for this skin condition.  Examples of non physical exfoliants for home use are; a cleanser that contains lactic acid or salicylic acid, an enzyme exfoliant, AHA BHA serums, vitamin A serums….

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