23. My wish for YOU this year

Happy 2019!

Are you still on holidays or back into the new year ahead?  Do you have a new years resolution?  Wanting to lose weight, change jobs, make new friendships, look younger, be healthier, exercise more, feel more confident?

For me, I tend not so much to have a new years resolution but of course I like to focus on what’s important to me….  Being healthy as best as I can on the inside and out is important to me and this helps in keeping my skin as youthful as possible and feeling confident.  Surrounding myself with positive people is a must!  Whether at work dealing with company representatives or my wonderful clients or my special friends and family; positive people in my life is so important to me!  This will contribute to you smiling and your skin shining brightly.  Stress will show fatigue on our skin, so try and avoid stress at all costs.

This year in the clinic, my aim is to keep you informed on the latest treatments and products available.  We are working hard on creating and offering more information events this year.  These will enable you to learn what’s available for you and your skin in the world of looking younger and feeling fantastic as well as confident.

Our first event this year will be on Tuesday 12 March at 6pm.  We will be discussing skin boosters and Mesotherapy.

Looking forward to seeing you in clinic at your next appointment for a little anti-ageing + pamper + a chat + more.  My aim is for you to finish your appointment feeling amazing and confident!

Caryll xxx

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