Your skin journey

During your initial skin consultation, our Dermal skin experts will spend up to one hour analysing the health of your skin.  

$50* Redeemable on products and/or treatments

We use our Reveal imaging software device to diagnose existing damage up to 2mm below the surface of your skin, and can also be used to predict future problems. 

“The Reveal diagnostic photos can be confronting for clients to see, but the images allow us to clearly communicate the real condition of your skin” says Skin ResQ Director, Caryll.

We understand that your skin is unique. Your customised skin analysis will include;

  • We will listen to your skin care concerns and goals. We will discuss your general health and medications, current lifestyle habits and how you are caring for your skin at home (skin products and makeup). 
  • An in-clinic treatment plan designed to target and correct your concerns. We are upfront about what is possible. 
  • We believe in empowering our clients, and will educate on how to best care for your skin. You will be given a take home skincare prescription. This includes detailed AM/PM instructions of how and when to use your new skincare products. 
  • Specific take home lifestyle advice to promote your skin health. This includes but is not limited too, dietary/food/supplement information. 
  • Ongoing support throughout your skin journey. We know your skin is forever changing (throughout the seasons and as you age) and we will continue to tailor any recommendations based on these changes. 

Our personalised, nurturing approach and commitment to your long term skin health is what sets us apart from other clinics.