Skin ResQ is Western Australias Mesoestetic Certified clinic. With accredited depigmentation specialists to treat all skins with hyperpigmentation.

We offer the world’s leading professional depigmenting methods – Cosmelan aesthetic treatment and Dermamelan medical treatment. 

Do you suffer from?

Uneven and irregular with undefined edges. Frequently symmetrical. Shadow-like appearance. Common in 90% of woman, and is triggered by normal changes. 
Post inflammatory Hyperpigmentation (PIH)
Irregular, flat, asymmetric spots of dark pigmentation, either localized or dispersed. Common as as result of inflammation or trauma, for example after acne. 
Solar Lentigo
Spots that are oval or round, lentil-shaped and even, measuring 2-20 millimeters. Caused by UV damage. Commonly starts to occur on the skin after the age of 30.
Senile Lentigo
Cumulative effect of sun damage. Commonly occurs after the age of 50. Spots that are oval or round, lentil-shaped and even, measuring 2-20 millimeters.
Ephelides (freckles)
Small, flat, pigmented spots. Multiple and symmetrical. Light brown. Common with alone and red haired people.

Depigmenting and regulating

Cosmelan and Dermamelan are depigmenting methods that have an intensive corrective action on skin hyperpigmentations while simultaneously regulating the overproduction of melanin in the melanocytes, inhibiting and controlling the appearance of new dark spots. They have a dual corrective and controlling action, achieving short- and long-term results by keeping hyperpigmentation under control.
The Cosmelan and Dermamelan treatments decrease the skins natural melanin production by inhibiting certain enzymes and then clearing discolouration, providing an even complexion. Suitable to treat face, neck and décolleté. Dark spots, melasma, blemishes, acne scars, dull, unhealthy skin can all be significantly improved with this treatment. These treatments are safe for all skin ethnicities. 
See over about our unique Skin ResQ ADVANCED Cosmelan/Dermamelan, to significantly boost results and healing time compared to the Cosmelan/Dermamelan treatment alone! *For an additional $200 you will receive extra treatments of 2 x Healite Led’s + 1 x Lactic Peel with Ultimate Recovery Mask for prepping….

Before & Afters

Cosmelan and Dermamelan treatments are a six month commitment to a clearer complexion.

Step one – pre treatment peel 2 weeks 

  • Mesoestetic 30% Lactic peel and Ultimate Recovery Bio-Cellulose Mask is performed 2 weeks prior to Cosmelan or Dermamelan treatment. This deeply hydrating treatment is the ideal preparation for the skin, meaning less peeling and downtime. 

Step two – once off in-clinic treatment (mask) application

  • Skin is cleansed and prepped
  • Cosmelan or Dermamelan mask is applied (no discomfort)
  • Depending on the level of correction required, the mask must stay on between eight and twelve hours
  • Client is instructed on when and how to remove the mask at home

Step three – the home care regime

  • After the specified time the mask is removed with water only at home
  • Peeling of the skin usually begins two to three days after the application
  • 7 Mesoestetic home products are included in your package (cosmelan 2, hydra cream fusion, hydratonic mist, hydra-vital factor K, hydra vital face mask, melon recovery, and the melan protect 130 sun protection SPF50+)

Step four – post treatment care

  • 2 x 830nm Healite II LED Light Therapy treatments are performed at day 4 and day 7 after your treatment. These 3 quick treatments help to comfort your skin in the week after your treatment. The LEDs optimise your healing response, by stimulating your macrophage and cytokines into action.

Step five – ongoing care

  • Cosmelan 2 cream or Dermamelan cream should be applied twice daily for four weeks or until your first ‘in clinic’ skin check
  • 6 x Monthly skin checks and ongoing tailored homecare advise is given to suit your specific needs
  • Progress photos are taken 
To book in for a skin consultation or to find our more information call us on 93673003 or contact us by email



Professional, experienced, friendly, quality products and Caryll’s attention to detail is why I recommend Skin ResQ Perth to all my friends and family.

Absolutely amazing!! the girls are so kind and made me feel so welcome! and the IPL treatment worked amazing on my stubborn hairs! could not recommend them enough

Sarah Brown

I came home today....I haven’t been treated by Caryll for a couple of months and today’s facial was beyond awesome. I felt all gooey and relaxed at the end. The results were just brilliant. Caryll is like the friend you are always blessed to catch up with. Her expertise and manner are beyond professional. She makes you feel so relaxed and pampered. Love love love Skin ResQ Perth.. Thanks Caryll.. see you soon

Jane O’Brien