acne one 50ml

acne one 50ml


Other active substances

  • bexaretinyl complex: retinoid with chemoexfoliant and cellular renewing effects on the pilosebaceous follicle. It also mitigates post-inflammatory hyperpigmentations.
  • serenoa repens: controls the effects of androgen excess by inhibiting 5-α reductase.
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  • 50 ml tube. 9Cream for home treatment.
  • Benchmark product for the daily control of acne-prone and seborrhoeic skin.

The m.acne complex™ offers a crosscutting approach to address the different factors that trigger acne:

•exfoliates the pilosebaceous canal
•disminishes sebum production.
•controls bacterial proliferation
•reduces epidermal redness, offering optimal skin texture



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