imperfection control 10ml

imperfection control 10ml


Method of use

  • Locally apply a small amount to clean and dry skin.
  • Use gentle circular motions to build up the colour and evenly cover the affected area
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  • 10 ml tube.
  • Cream indicated for local application to treat emerging and/or rebellious breakouts.
  • Quickly and effectively reverses the acute inflammatory process. imperfection control $78.00
  • Along with the m.acne complex™, the innovative pigments contained in its formula provide an adjustable and gradual camouflage effect that adapts to different skin tones.

Other notable active substances

  • bexaretinyl complex: chemical exfoliating retinoid, boosts cell renewal of the pilosebaceous unit.
  • enoxolone: reduction of redness and skin tumefaction.


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